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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2009 with an intake capacity of 60. The department has well experienced faculty of proven ability and diverse specialization. The faculty members of this department are excellent in teaching and research. The Department focuses on training the students to take up new challenges in the field of Robotics, Antennas, Control Systems, Industrial Automation, Telecommunication Systems Design, Power Generation and Distribution, and Renewable Energy among other specialities. The Department encourages the students to do mini project, present technical papers and seminars etc. to enrich them with sound technical knowledge.The laboratories are well equipped with modern training facilities that cater to the requirements of the Anna University Chennai syllabus. The department has the latest simulation tools to facilitate learning in various specializations.

The career opportunities for an Electrical and Electronics Engineer are too many. In Electronic Designing, Commissioning and Maintenance, Project Engineering and Planning, Equipment Development and Manufacturing, Public Utility Services, Government Services, Consulting Engineering Firms and Educational Institutions to name a few. Excellent training is given to the students in various areas from communication skills to designing skills needed by the Industries to make them tailor made for employment.