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With the state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced and trained faculty members, our focus is on academics as well as holistic development of students. Join CARE and step out into the real world as a true professional.

CARE believes that the most promising opportunities for discovery exist at the intersections of disciplines, and that the technologies of the next century will grow out of multidisciplinary partnerships. CARE is committed to excellence in all its endeavours. Similarly, the leaders of tomorrow must be able to bridge multiple interests. Our teaching pedagogy ensures that students get exposed to a holistic approach to education integrating physical, emotional and social development. We complement this with a sound academic base which enables our students to get a head start in an increasingly complex world, thus preparing them for the global challenges of tomorrow.

CARE believes in partnerships between industry, government, and higher education to yield countless innovations. Our faculty value corporate partnerships for the insights they contribute as much as for the support they provide.

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