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Chemistry The properties of ALL materials arise from their chemical make-up. Engineers need to understand chemistry, as it helps you to understand the world around you. The department focuses on examples of chemistry for engineering applications like Environmental chemistry of streams, lakes, wastewater treatment plants, Fuel cells, Gas law demonstrations […]

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Physics The department provides students with a fundamental knowledge of physics, together with problem-solving skills, and an understanding of engineering. It is designed to address the needs of students seeking innovative careers in today’s technological age. In addition to courses in those subjects fundamental to the student’s field of interest, […]

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Mathematics The department supports the Engineering faculty. It trains the students to have an analytical outlook, logical reasoning and a Mathematical bent of mind, through problem – solving. Mathematics course equally emphasis on theory and application. The department mostly focuses on applied courses such as vectors, the many types of […]

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English The primary objective of the English Department is to instill confidence in the students. This is achieved through various ways. Training the students in group discussions and presentation skills. The department also uses various types of behavioral approaches in communication such as listening, writing and body language. This is […]

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Computer Center

Computer Center Computer Centre is well equipped with 150 terminals with the following specifications. • Intel Core 2 DUO E7400 Processor • 2GB DDR2 RAM • 250 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive • HP Keyboard & Optical Mouse • HP 18.5″ TFT LCD Monitor • Sufficient printers