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Student Life @ CARE

Students have an opportunity to be engaged in various clubs and associations keeping the life on campus vibrant



The college takes pride in offering its students a massive indoor stadium and a gallery for spectators. The stadium can house 4 indoor basketball courts. In addition the college provides 2 tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, and a football ground. CARE emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum.





Project Center

We at CARE believe that the best way is to work hands on. We have created a Project Center where students can apply concepts learned and work on real components. The center has all the gadgets and components needed for students to repair existing devices or take old components and build something new.

Club Activities

ECO-CARE: In addition to finding green solutions, students also spread the awareness and advantages of going green in an effort to build a sustainable future.

Cultural Club: Tamilnadu is rich in its cultural traditions. This club was created to educate students about our own culture and the cultures of various other countries through dance, music and drama.

Literary Club: Communication is a major factor in the success of any individual. This forum helps students to develop their spoken and English communication skills

Photography Club: Most innovations today are made by those who keenly observe the environment around them. This forum helps students do just that in a fun way.



Musical Club

Music Club: In a world filled with opportunities and challenges we must learn to take relax and enjoy. This helps us stay more productive. Music is the mantra of this forum.


Science Club: Learning how Science effects our life and the basics of each scientific discovery opens the possibility for each of us to improve the world in some way.


CARE provides its students, staff and faculty with an amazing cafe experience in the college campus cafeteria. The cafeteria is not just a food joint but a place to relax, interact, rejuvenate and take refuge from the daily hectic schedule in an idyllic setting on the lake area.


CARE College library is a modern, well stocked, open-plan facility with the latest books and journals to keep pace with changing times.

The E-Library is equipped with modern facilities, videos, computer-based learning packages, and Internet.





The college offers separate hostels for boys and girls. The rooms are well furnished and spacious. The ambience as well suited for learning and away from major roads.


The 16 buses are plying in various routes for students and staff to commute from college to different places of 45 km radius covering Lalkudi, Keeranur, Kulithalai, Thuraiyur, Manaparai and BHEL.