Material Science Engineering

Material Science Engineering

Material Science broadly encompasses the fundamental study of solid matter with the goal of engineering new materials with superior properties, and ultimately enabling altogether new types of devices. Historically, materials science focussed on metallurgical and ceramic systems. In the modern era, Material Science makes use of advanced fabrication and characterization tools that allow us to observe and manipulate matter virtually atom by atom. The field is inherently interdisciplinary, with strong connections to physics, chemistry, biology and the engineering fields. Materials scientists tackle such problems as the discovery of efficient electrolytes and electrodes for batteries and fuel cells (for sustainable energy), the design of nanoscale structures that can use light for communication (photonics), and the fabrication of high strength metals free of traditional failure modes (bulk metallic glass). In each case, tackling such problems requires fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic insights to answer the question: why do materials behave the way they do? Materials science and engineering is concerned with the structure, properties, design, manufacture, and use of all classes of materials, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, and biomaterials, and with energy, environmental, health, economic, and manufacturing issues relating to materials. Materials science and engineering is a field critical to our future economic and environmental well-being, and graduates from our program will be in continually high demand by industry and government for jobs in research, development, production, and management. We help our students Develop an appreciation for the potential impact of materials choices, design and applications on the everyday lives of people, the economic structure of business and industry, and the health of populations.


  1. plz, may i know what kind of jobs i’ll be getting when i take material science engineering as my course…….. and i would like to know the details about the staffs in your college………

  2. As the name mentions this course deals with all types of Materials and related Engineering aspects. This is a trait that every Product Designers need to know. So starting with Product Designer, Material Selection, Quality & Product Testing all the way to Research & Development all types of jobs are suited for Material Science Engineering Graduates.

    Let me eloborate:
    Apple Inc, has product ranges in iPod to Mac Book Air.
    These products were innovative in that they has a smaller, slimmer form factor. Selection of materials to achieve it played an important role

    Intel, IBM labs:
    They constantly work on achieving more memory in less space in Chip designs. Again Material Selection

    Wrinkle Free & Stain Free Clothing:
    Material Selection and Engineering to remove Stain Attribute related to the Material being Used

    Defense & Space:
    Intercontinental & Balastic Missiles, Space Shuttles, all use Materials to with stand abnormal climatic conditions.

    This is jist of jobs for Material Science Engineering.

    As for Staff details, you are welcome to come in and talk to them.

  3. i got 169.25 cut-off in HSC,can i get through counselling for the course MSE…… may i know about how many seats are available for the MSE

  4. if i do MSE,what will be kind of work–in industry or designing….it is only enough to do UG and pass through campus or to do PG

  5. the way of approach by the college says that standard of the college would be good. As of the current scenario many private selfinanced engineering colleges have some silly rules.
    no freedom is given to student(it is said as strict).This affects the creativity of the student.some colleges they dont permit interaction between boys n girls.Even lecturers should maintain distance with students.Students are punished by beating.
    At C.A.R.E wat kind of freedom is given to students?
    What are the rules and regulation of the college?
    what kind of hostel facilities is given to students?

  6. Dear Sriram,

    There are totally 60 seats available for MSE. I am not aware of current number of vacant seats. You can try through counselling or choose to join under management quota. Either way the fee is what is defined by the government.

    MSE is a regular 4 year UG Engineering Program. Doing just the UG program is sufficient, unless you desire to persue PG studies or research.

  7. Dear RaaGo,

    We will provide the best ambience for education both in the College Campus and within the hostel. Our rules and regulations are in line with our vision to offer quality education. Students will be permitted to freely discuss and clarify doubts with their lecturers and with fellow students.
    Our rules and regulations are strict with respect to those who indent to disrupt the educational process and ambience.

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