Guest Lecture on “Advanced Processor Design Using Vedic Maths” – Mr.G.Muthuraman Retd. Scientist, ISRO –Trivandrum.

“Vedic Mathematics is India’s next gift to the Digital World for designing Vedic Processing Unit to increase the Processor’s speed by simplifying the arithmetic and algebraic operations” – Mr.G.Muthuraman Retd. Scientist, ISRO -Trivandrum.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a Guest Lecture “Advanced Processor Design Using Vedic Maths” on 11.01.2017 by Mr.G.Muthuraman Retd. Scientist, ISRO -Trivandrum.

Mr.G.Muthuraman has more than 31 years of experience as a Scientist in ISRO –Trivandrum and more than 9 years of experience as a professor in various engineering colleges. In his carrier at ISRO, he contributed to various projects including Flight measurement of dynamic parameters, Environmental & Modal vibration testing of components and sub-assemblies of Launch Vehicles etc. He has developed several components including Piezo Electric Accelerometer, Charge Amplifier, 6th order A.A Bessel Filter and Hybrid Time Compression Analyser for Flight measurements etc. He has published more than 10 papers in national and International level Conferences and Seminar. Currently He is working on Digital hardware design for high speed ALU / DSP using Vedic Maths techniques.

More than 60 students from various departments actively participated and learned the some basics of Vedic maths.


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