8th Annual Intramural Sports Day

8th Annual Intramural SportsDay conducted on Feb 15 2017 at CARE Campus.

Chief Guest : Mr. Raman_Vijayan
He is one of the two Indian footballers, other than Baichung Bhutia, to be the top scorer in the National Football League also the Asst. Coach for Delhi Dynamos (ISL) and he is running his own soccer school at Chennai.

CARE Director Mr.Meikandan honoured the chief guest.

Mr. Raman addressed the gatherings by expressing his life history and said everyone have to be strong in their goal and confidence. Must have the inner spirit and should be careless regarding negative peoples and thoughts, he added.

Students from all the departments of CARE Group actively participated in sports events and the winners were awarded with medals from the hands of Chief Guest.

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