Summer FDP

‘Summer Faculty Development Program Phase I ‘ (April 25 – 27).

> Mrs. S. Kiruthika, AP CSE handled a session regarding How effectively a presentation can be done to teach the students.

> Mr. V. Stracey George, AP MBA, handled a session  regarding the topic “CLASSROOM ENGAGEMENT”.

He listed various strategies and explained them and later he made the staffs actively participated in explaining what a collaborative learning is.

> Mrs. R. Alamelu, and Mrs. S. Kiruthika, AP CSE, handled a session for refreshing the word and excel for all department staffs and also explained about the various new features of office.

> “CASE STUDY BASED TEACHING” was handled by Mr. R. Venkatesh, MBA department.

> Mrs. K. Santhy , HOD MSE , handled a session on Blooms Taxonomy.

> Mr. M. Gowtham Sethupathi, AP CSE, has given a demo on How to use ‘Google Classroom’ to share and communicate with students.

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