15th online webinar on “Simpleware Software – From 3D Images to Models: A Complete Solution”


The Department of Mechanical Engineering successfully conducted the 15th online webinar on the topic of “Simpleware Software – From 3D Images to Models: A Complete Solution” held on 04th May 2021, 3.00 PM. There are 30 participants were got benefited from this webinar. The Resource person Mr. B. Pradeep, Application Engineer, integrated Micro system, Bangalore, has been explained the need for Image-based Modelling, Introduction to Simpleware Software, Application of Simpleware package in the field of Manufacturing, Materials, Life Sciences Clinical applications.

Moreover, he also Demonstrated the full software capabilities i.e., Pre-processing of the datasets Segmentation methods, Post-processing of 3D model Measurements, Surface mesh model creation (For 3D printing or NURBS export), Volume mesh model creation (For FEA, CFD export) and finally Exporting mesh for simulation or STL file for 3D printing.

Resource person:


Application Engineer,

integrated Microsystem,



Event Coordinator:

Dr.B. Gobalakrishnan, A/P, Mechanical

Mr. S. Karthik, A/P, Mechanical

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