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The Department is well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments and excellent facilities. The atmosphere is designed to promote student learning.

 The Laboratories in the Department are:

  • Electronics Devices, Circuits and Simulation Laboratory
  • Digital Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Communication System Laboratory
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
  • Computer Networks Laboratory
  • VLSI Laboratory
  • Embedded Systems Laboratory
  • Optical and Microwave Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory

The Electronics Laboratory gives hands-on experience to strengthen students’ fundamental knowledge in electronics and its applications. The Electronics Lab provides basic knowledge about electronics devices like diode, transistor and thyristor families. Using any basic electronic device, students can construct and check small electronic circuits. The laboratory is well equipped with all basic electronic equipment like Oscilloscopes (Digital and Analog), audio signal generators, power supplies etc. and good stock of electronic components of all types

Major Equipment available

  • Oscilloscopes (Analog and Digital),
  • Function generator,
  • D.C Power supplies (Dual and Single),
  • Multisim Software


Digital Laboratory

The lab is fully equipped with various Digital ICs, components and equipment with latest Model Oscilloscopes, Analog and Digital IC Testers, Function Generators, Analog and Digital and LIC Kits etc. These digital IC kits are used to study operation logic gates, flip flops, counters etc.  All digital I.C-related experiments can be carried out using trainer kits as well as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software like Xilinx 14.3 and Multisim.

Major equipments available:

  • Digital IC Trainer kits
  • Digital ICs
  • Oscilloscopes (Analog and Digital),
  • Xilinx 14.3 EDA Tool
  • Multisim Software

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

In this lab, students can conduct detailed study of digital electronics and signal processing. This lab has more than 30 personal computers along with required software like MATLAB 7.1. This lab allows students to learn about the  usage of various DSP processors. Students can analyze various concepts through simulation and Implementation in DSP Processor.

Major equipments available:

  • Personal Computer
  • DSP processor kit
  • MATLAB 7.1 software

VLSI Design Laboratory

The progress in semiconductor technology led to the development of the integrated circuit (IС) appeared a new field of science — integrated electronics. Instead of making, testing and assembling discrete components on a chip one at a time, large groupings of these components together with their interconnections were made all at a time. IС greatly reduced the size of devices, lowered manufacturing costs and at the same time they provided high speed and increased reliability. VLSI is a field, which involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas. Integration improves the design by ensuring higher speed, lower power and also physically smaller Designs.

 Major equipment available:

  • Personal Computers
  • Cadence Analog and Digital Software,
  • Xilinx 14.3 Software
  • Spartan-3E FPGA hardware kits

 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

This lab has various types of microprocessors and micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with the software and hardware of microprocessors so that they can meet the demand of the microprocessor era. The laboratory is mainly equipped with 8085 kits, 8086 kits, and 8051 microcontrollers and their peripherals. In each set, a parallel I/O board and serial I/O board is present in order to teach students how to integrate various hardware such as stepper motor, D/A converter, A/D converter,  and Traffic light controller with microprocessors.

Major Equipments available:

  • Processors and Controller kits,
  • Interfacing Kits
  • ADC and DAC Converters

Robotics Laboratory and IoT Laboratory

The Robotics Laboratory helps the students to design robots for their simple application and  to find innovative solutions for research and social problems. The lab is well equipped with robot platforms and advanced sensors.

Major Equipments available:

  • Arduino Controllers
  • Raspberry pi
  • Sensors