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The B.Des program at CARE is a versatile design course that allows students to explore design with the least restriction about specialization. Such a versatile design curriculum is possible because of common processes followed across various design specializations. Also, all designs ultimately try to better the experience. This program focuses on designing experiences, which is and will be highly valued in the industry. Apart from being versatile, this course prepares the students to be ecologically aware, as industries are investing more in designs tackling climate change.

Why Study Design?

Designers are like creative problem-solvers who collaborate with experts in different areas. They learn about the required field on demand for each project. Design isn’t a job on its own, but an effective way of approaching any conventional static job. Artificial intelligence will replace many static jobs but will fail to consume highly adaptable and versatile jobs, like design. That’s why studying design could be a safe and fun choice in this era of artificial intelligence.

We Offer

UX Design

focuses on creating better virtual experiences for web, mobile, and other virtual spaces.

Product Design​

focuses on creating enjoyable and satisfying interactions with physical products.

Spatial Design​

focuses on creating immersive and engaging environments for people to interact with.​

Our Team

Ar. Naveen G

Academic Lead Coordinator
B.Arch (NIT)
M.Des, Design for Retail Experience (NID)

Mr. Boopathy Srinivasan

B.Tech (NIT)
M.Des, Graphic Design (NID)

Ar.Tushar Rajkumar

B.Arch (DIT)
M.Arch (CEPT)

Ar.Maha Swetha

B.Arch (CARE)
M.Des Interior Architecture (RISD)


Mr. Trotsky Marudhu – Champion practitioner of new media in commercial and fine art.

Mr. Mark Rathinaraj – Artist, Sculptor and Designer

Mr. Sathiyaseelan – VP – Design Head, Ashok Leyland

Mr. Dhanaraju Swaminathan – Artist / graphic designer

Mr. Sathyanarayana – Founder Polux technologies

Ar. Rajkumar Ramalingam – Creative artist/ animator Arivalagan – designer at Jaguar

Ar. Manimaran – Architect/ product designer

Ar. Ajit Rao – Architect and animator

Ar. Apsaran – Architect and product designer

Ar. Amaran – Architect and art director

Board of Study Members

Dr. K.Prem Kumar
Head and Associate Professor
HOD department of architecture
Nit, Trichy

Abhishek Shrivastava
Assistant Professor
IIT Guwahati

D. Udaya Kumar
IIT Guwahati

Dr. P.Gopalakrishnan
Department of architecture
Nit, Trichy

Nijoo Dubey
Discipline Co-Lead, Universal Design
National institute of Design, Bangalore

Susanth CS.
Discipline Lead, Design for Retail Experience
National institute of Design, Bangalore

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