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Life at CARE Business School


  • Student Clubs

MBA student clubs are run by students and supported by the school. They play an important role in the student life, and solidify the MBA experience. Campus activities are organised by MBA student clubs and help to sharpen your leadership skills and enable you to explore and pursue new interests or old passions by becoming a member.

  • Personal Excellence Program

Personal Excellence Program is a student lead club which focuses on self-development by providing training on leadership skills, soft skills and professional competency to enhance their managerial capability.

  • Investor Club

Club members engage in experiential learning through active investment and through relationship-building within the investment community. Case study analysis, Simulation exercises, Research with limited time and resources, and decision-making in the face of uncertainty are some of the key modules where students learn and exhibit their skills

  • Readers club

The primary objective of the club is to cultivate an interest towards books and all things that compliment them. The club meets every fortnight to discuss and share about their personal experience of reading a particular book. This also helps students to enhance their vocabulary


Air-conditioned Classrooms

Well designed, fully equipped, modern and spacious class rooms with an inbuilt garden marks the culture of CARE Business School. Each classroom is equipped with LCD Projectors and modern teaching aids to support technology enhanced learning. Separate computer class rooms are available with multi-media facilities for presentations and hi-end lab classes.


A fully air conditioned library is a modern and well stocked facility surrounded by scenic environment which provides a reader friendly ambience. Our Library has latest books, Magazines and journals, keeping in pace with changing times. The E-Library is equipped with modern facilities, videos, Computer-based learning Packages and Internet.

Students Lounge

The student lounge is a comfortable area open to students for gathering, studying, and relaxing between classes. The lounge is equipped with magazines, Wifi connection and television.


The college offers separate hostels for boys and girls with mess facility inside the campus. The rooms are well furnished and spacious. The ambience gives a feel of home away from home. We are committed to ensure the safety of our students with the help of our Faculty, Support Staff and Security guards.


CARE provides its students, staff and faculty with an amazing cafe experience in the college campus with its well maintained and well equipped cafeteria. The cafeteria is not just a food joint but a place to relax, interact, rejuvenate and take refuge from the daily excited schedule. The cafeteria is in an idyllic setting nearer to the pool area and lotus pond.



The college takes pride in offering its students a massive indoor stadium and a gallery for spectators. The stadium can house a maximum of 4 indoor basketball courts. In addition the college provides 2 tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts, and a football ground. As a part of this process, CARE emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum.


We run college buses covering all parts of the city and its suburbs. The buses have comfortable and enough seating to facilitate a safe journey for the students.