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Learning Approaches


“Education in not the learning of facts, but training of the mind to think” at CARE Business School we believe that participative and collaborative learning are the stimuli for mind to think beyond limits. We offer different learning methodology to make the business learning exciting.


Every class is designed with management games and activities to make the students learn the business concepts easily. Students work in groups to solve a challenge or a business problem.

Working in groups helps them to collaborate, learn and also develop leadership skills and group behaviour skills which is essential for future career.


When people have the chance to apply classroom theory in the real world, with its complexity, time pressure, and irreversible consequences they learn deep actionable skills and develop decision making ability.

Simulations and case studies helps the students not only understand the critical management concepts in various functions, but also helps them to apply it in real time scenario.


Industrial visits give greater clarity about important management concepts, as students practically experience how these concepts are put into action

Market study helps the students to understand the economic activity in a market, factors influencing the business and consumer behaviour towards products. These exposure will help the business student to study certain phenomena and upcoming trends in business


Industry experts visit CARE regularly to teach and interact with students on the current trends followed in the industry under various management functions.

Top management professionals from fortune 500 companies give deep knowledge on the subject. Professors from top business schools like IIM’s visit and teach the students about the updated management concepts and research.