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Current year journal’s call for papers and publishing dates are yet to be announced. Check this page for updates.


CARE Journal of Management (CJM) is an annual journal, brought out by the CARE Business School.

CJM aims at creating and sustaining interest in Applied Research in all areas of management with conceptual knowledge innovations providing clarity, drawing analogy from the situational context.

our special emphasis is on papers that focus on rise and fall of companies, markets and economies. Such papers will improve our understanding of the overall markets and economies and will offer guidance to policy makers and managers to create sustainable companies and economies.

Areas covered include innovation, customer satisfaction, human resources management, economic and financial planning, legal and corporate governance, virtual and global enterprise networks, e-commerce, six sigma and total quality management, knowledge management, information and decision support systems.

CARE encourages a systematic and holistic approach to ensure an integrated, economically, socially and environmentally friendly approach to the management of new technologies in business. It aims to be a world-class research platform for academics, managers and professionals to publish scholarly research in the global arena.

CJM is a peer-reviewed journal and follows a double-bind review process. All papers submitted to CJM go through a preliminary review at the editorial desk and those considered appropriate are sent to the reviewer.

Copyright of all works will be vested with CARE Business School.


Editorial Office:

Editor – CARE Journal of Management,

CARE Business School,

#27 ,Thayanur, Dindigul Main Road,

Trichy- 620 009.


E-mail: cjm@care.ac.in