Quality Circle – Mr.A. Manikandan, Corporate Quality Assurance – Rane Engine Valve Ltd

CARE Business School Organized an online Guest Lecture on “Quality Circle” on 13th February 2021. The Guest Mr. A. Manikandan, Manager, Corporate Quality Assurance, Rane Engine valves Ltd has shared his knowledge and experience on quality circle.

The speaker started the session with a simple definition of Quality Circle and stressed the importance of QC for any organization. The students were enriched with the thought of using Quality Circle Story as a problem-solving tool which will be beneficial in the career growth of our B-School students. The Guest Speaker took the session through the 9 steps in QC and also the implications of PDCA. The practical application of the tool in real time scenario excited the students and was very well acknowledged by them. This is evident from the interactions the students had with the speaker during the Q and A session.

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