Intellectual Property Rights – Mr. Manohar Jha, Former Director – Dexpatent & Innovation Consultant

CARE Business School organized a Guest Lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights” with Mr. Manohar Jha, Former Director – Dexpatent and Innovation Consultant on 20 February 2021, 7:00PM
“IPR are Legal rights given to person for their creativity of minds” were the opening remarks of Mr. Manohar Jha.

He also added ” Patent is not a rocket science. A normal person can file a patent but it should be a new and unique one. Ideas can be registered and the originator of the idea can own the idea. There is no registration for copyright who publishes first will be the owner of the content. Trademark registration is to protect the symbol, name or logo. Patent is an invention, which is useful and better. Patent should be Usefulness, Novelty and non-Obvious. Detailed description about the invention should be explained. Royalty can be claimed by the inventor. Great idea is required, no need to manufacture the product rather than idea can be sold. When the idea is patented the royalty can be claimed. Digital signature is required to file a patent. If the work needs to be protected all over the world then we have to register everywhere”

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