“Start Up Business Strategy” Start Up Trichy – 6th Edition

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“Start Up Trichy” is a series of Entrepreneurial Talks initiated by the efforts of CARE School of Business Management to transform Trichy region into a Start Up hub. “Start Up Trichy” is a series of Talks organized by CARE School of Business Management on the first week of every month. The previous editions had Eminent Entrepreneurs and Start Up Mentors including Mr. Mafoi.K. Pandiya Rajan, Mr. Naga Prakasam, Mr. Paul Robinson, Mrs. Latha Srinivasan and Mr. Pravin Shekar delivering the keynote address.


“Moonlight (creating an enterprise with an ongoing job in free time), realizing you live only 10,000 days, Thought Leadership, Pod-casting and Hobbies catapulted me to Start Up Success. Apply the same for your Start Ups too!” – Mr. Kiruba Shankar, CEO, Business Blogging & Founder, F5 Technologies.

“Successful Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates did not chase butterflies (Money). While they were busy chasing their passion the butterfly (Money) came and built a house on their shoulders” – Mr. Rajendran Dhandapani, Director – Zoho .

The enthralling session was attended by Budding Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs from across the state numbering about 250 participants benefited out of the session.

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