An interactive session on “Make in India” – Mr. Krishnan R K, CEO – Blue Tree Consultancy

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“Make in India creates a policy framework to ease foreign investment, ease of business and management of intellectual property. This helps industries to establish their manufacturing bases in India.” –  Mr. Krishnan R K, CEO – Blue Tree Consultancy.

CARE School of Business Management organized an interactive session on “Make in India”. The session was benefited by students from Engineering and Management disciplines. The session gave a bright insight on how Entrepreneurship and Make in India will help the economy and also alleviate employment challenges

Mr. Krishnan also added:

“In turn, “Make in India” helps create employment in India. Industries tend to develop a support ecosystem around them, thus empowering small businesses. Exports from such industries help in contributing to our foreign exchange reserve. Most importantly, such an initiative helps bring critical knowledge about manufacturing and production into the Indian population.

This would be complete if Make in India can eventually evolve into Make for India (and the rest of the world) by addressing demands of the Indian marketplace”.

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