Workshop on Sales Promotion – Resource: Mr. Vasanth.J.E, Director, FSS India

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“Technology – IOT, Big Data Analytics have changed the way in which traditional forms of Sales Promotions have happened. We are in the new era of Interactive Sales Promotions” – Mr. Vasanth J E, Alumni – Chicago Booth School of Business & Director, FSS India on “Workshop on Sales Promotions”.

CARE School of Business Management organized a one day workshop on “Sales Promotions” for the Final Year MBA Students. The workshop was organized with the objective of giving hands on training to the students on Sales Promotions. Mr. Vasanth J E, Alumni – Chicago Booth School of Business & Director, FSS India was the resource person for this workshop.

Mr. Vasanth said that:

“The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound like a business buzzword, but in reality, it’s a real technological revolution that will impact every activity of Marketing. It is a gigantic wave of new possibility that is destined to change the face of Sales Promotions as we know it. The five ways that IoT will improve marketing ROI:

1. Easy Exchange of Sales Data

2. Smart and instantaneous CRM

3. Predictive Analytics and Social Media

4. Tailor Made Sales Promotions

5. Immediate feedback”

Mr. Vasanth also emphasized the importance of Big Data Analytics as a Skill Set for Aspiring Managers as it is the key in making business decisions right now.

The session was attended by the final year students who were enthralled by the insights given by Mr.Vasanth.

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