FDP – Identifying Technology Ideas for Entrepreneurship: Mr. Vijay Kumar, Founder – Founder Passion StartUp Accelerator and Active Member – NAN


” Everybody has the eye to see problems. But do we persist and find Sustainable Solutions to the problems is the question we ought to ask ourselves” – Mr. Vijay Kumar, Native Angels Network on the initiation of Technology Business Accelerators – A FDP program organized by CARE School of Business Management.

Mr. Vijay Kumar is an active member of Native Angels Network (NAN), a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of the Accelerator – Founder Passion.

Mr. Vijay Kumar also said that:

“While solving problems the following are the key factors to be addressed:

  1. Is the problem BIG?
  2. Benefits by solving the problem
  3. Is it continuous (Sustainable)?
  4. Value of the problem (How people value it)
  5. Consumer/User Testing
  6. Solution
  7. Is it a Sustainable Solution.

This is a continuous cycle and Accelerators come in hand to fasten the transition from idea to product”

The session was attended by Faculty from Business Administration and Engineering streams who are associated with the Entrepreneurial Activities at CARE.

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