Interior Design


Interior designers are people who work in close proximity with architects. They help in planning out the layout of an establishment which can be a house, office or any other commercial complex in such a manner that the area at hand is utilised in the best possible way. An interior designer is an artist who works with clients to decorate interior spaces. Interior designers are educated in the field of design and are trained artists who understand textiles, fabrics, patterns, color theory, trends, styles, and aesthetics. A person who works as an interior designer may work in commercial or residential settings to create beautiful, unified interiors.

Areas of Specialisation

Design Principles
Colour Theory and Management
Applied Arts
Exhibition and Spatial Design

Employment Opportunity

/ Interior and spatial designer
/ Exhibition designer
/ Production designer, theatre/TV/film
/ Visual merchandiser
/ Furniture designer
/ Graphic designer
/ Product designer
/ Stylist
/ Textile designer

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