Visual Communication


Bachelors in Visual Communication is a general study program that explores principles in design fundamentals, drawing techniques, visual literacy, technical communication, digital media design and interaction design. Here the students are allowed to explore all forms of visual communication, such as web, packaging, book, and magazine design. This degree program provides traditional classroom and hands-on studio experiences; portfolio development and a final semester project are required. The students at C.A.R.E would be able to pick allied courses from the Management domains. Ideal candidates for the course would be ready to develop the following:
/ interest in visual communication
/ creative and inventive mind
/ aptitude in subjects like Physics and Mathematics
/ basic knowledge of the electronic media

Areas of Specialisation

Design history
Color management
Web design
3-D design

Employment Opportunity

/ Print & Production
/ Film Production
/ Advertising Industry
/ Advertisement Firms
/ Photo Journalism
/ Fashion Magazines
/ Freelancing
/ Media Houses

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