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Library and Laboratory


“ I have always imagined that paradise will be
A kind of a library”  – Jorge Luis Borges 

Our college library is acquainted with enormous prerequisite sections ,such as modernizing well build infrastructure peaceful and serene atmosphere for readers ,amicable hospitality ,air conditioner halls ,sophistically engineered facilities to access latest books and journals ,magazines in accordance with dynamic transitional period .The E-Library is sternly equipped with modern facilities ,such as Internet ,software  and as adding a feather in its cap ,the library accoutres with Wi-Fi facilities

Common Computing lab

“The computing was born to solve
Problems that did not exist before” – Bill Gates

Our college computer lab possesses astounding bandwidth of internet connectivity, which certainly enrich students to learn beyond the syllabi .Students have the liberty to utilize the lab even apart from class time. The lab is embellished by having hi-tech advanced software for the welfare of the students to access .Besides that Wi-Fi facility with extreme comfort of air-conditioner halls situated in our campus. The ambience will mollify your stress and enable students to perform victoriously and with burgeoning of technology

Drawing Studio

It is a creative exercise not confining with drawing room itself. The state of Art infrastructure of CARE helps the students to learn drawing practically beyond the classroom.  Sketching is the powerful process of discovering new ideas and it enables the creativity of a person. The main objective of the studio is learning through still life sketching, understanding the lights and shades. This studio is well equipped with drawing tables, lights and exhibition space

Photo Studio

“Photography is an austere and Blazing poetry of the real” – Arsel Adams

It has enough equipment’s to learn how to handle the camera and how to do the photofinishing work using the labs.  It corporates with new-fangled equipment to ascertain how to handle the camera, how to pursue the photofinishing work using the strenuously built hi-tech labs. In pre-production arena ,we are fortunate enough to have ingenious panel discussion .we are possessed with snazzy production equipment like DSLR camera, Indoor and outdoor lightings set ups.The intricate part of the process ,which is the final stage of postproduction work ,and for this arduous purpose ,we have nifty audio graphical sound mixing differing labs and ground breaking editing software .As a peal of wisdom, we are embraced with high processing system.