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Summer / Winter School

CARE College of Arts & Science organizers courses during Summer & Winter semester breaks. These courses are offered post consultation with our Eminent Advisors. The objective of these programs is to enable students to learn skills that are in line with the current industry trends. Some of the courses currently offered are:

Department of Interior Design & Visual Communications offered:

  1. Film Making
  2. Photography
  3. Nature & Form
  4. Poster Design
  5. Design Sketching
  6. Animation & Illustration
  7. Print Making
  8. Interior Design 

Department of Commerce, Commerce CA & Business Administration offered:

  1. Excel Skills for Business Decision Making
  2. Online Share Trading
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Banking & Financial Services Certifications
  5. Accounting & Taxation
  6. Computerised Accounting
  7. Data Analytics
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Investment Banking

For Registrations to these courses, Call/Whatsapp: 91769-45000