Basics of Leasing and Hire Purchasing

CARE College of Arts and Science organized a Guest Lecture topic on Basics of Leasing and Hire Purchasing for the students on the 20th February 2021. The guest lecture was Ms. Deepa Baburaj, General Counsel-India, Guardian Life, Chennai. The Programme began at 20:00 Pm in the Google Meet. The guest was introduced to the audiences. Guest Lecturer Ms. Deepa Baburaj gave introductions about Leasing and Purchasing.

She focused on the following sub-topics such as Definition of Leasing and Purchasing, Basics Lease Financing, Concept of Leasing, Marketing of Leasing, Lease Financing Organisations in India, Types of Leasing and Merits and Demerits of Leasing. She further highlighted on Basics -Hire Purchase, Key Elements in Hire Purchase, Features of Hire Purchase, Types of Hire Purchase, Financial and Operating Lease, Advantages of Hire Purchase, Disadvantages of Hire Purchase, Difference between Finical Lease and Hire Purchase, Difference between Leasing and Hire Purchase, Difference between Hire Purchase and Installment System, Merits and Demerits of Leasing and Hire Purchasing. The whole session focused on holistic topic Basics of Leasing And Hire Purchasing, Important Factors, Long Term Sources, How are Hire Purchase Transactions Regulated in India and Merits and Demerits.

The whole session was interactive and interesting to all. The students enlarged wisdom from her. Most of the students willingly participated and interacted with her. She clarified their doubts on the topic. The lecture ended around 3:00 PM with a Vote of Thanks. The Programme successfully ended on time.

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