Recoding the Transaction in a Dynamic Situation

Department of Commerce, CARE Arts and Science College, Thayanur makes a tailored Monopoly Game for Commerce Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills and Knowledge Retention about the trade and business on 11th December 2021 (Saturday). These games helps the students to under the concepts of business transaction recording systems to preparing balance sheet practically and apply the concepts learned in the class room in a dynamic business situations. Total students were divided into different group and each group were given with exclusive worksheet prepared by the CARE College of Arts and Science to deepen the learning experience of the students. As a part of its ambitious vision CARE college of Arts and Science were ensure the hands on learning in Commerce and management education through a fun and live activities. Students also happy to know the various business nuance and how to record them into the business and analyzed its cause and effect relationship with each element were taught.

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