Basic woodJoinery workshop

A 6-day workshop was organised for the students of Interior Design at CARE college of Arts and science. The workshop was mentored by Architect Kumaresan Muthukumar from Pondicherry. He got his skills from the master of woodworking, Aurovillan Kenji.

This hands-on workshop is designed to introduce students about the basic knowledge of wood and joinery skills. As future designers the students are pushed to understand the multiple characteristics of wooden joints such as strength, flexibility, durability and appearance. The participants also had fun solving the Japanese Joinery puzzle – Chidori occasionally. The students were receptive, interested and inspired throughout the process of working with wood. This is an important skill for an interior designer. Every student conceptualized a design of their own to be made by the end of the workshop. They were expected to understand wood-joints, calculations and geometrical measurements to come up with a design of their own. They will be presenting and exhibiting their works at the end of the workshop for the public. This will be followed by an advanced level workshop next year.

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