Film making workshop

Film has emerged as one of the most influential art forms of all ages. As there are great
books, now there are great films. Filmmaking is a complete team effort which involves many aspects. Good film is a perfect blend of aesthetics and technology. Film studies as an academic discipline emerged in the twentieth century, decades after the invention of motion pictures.

This practical workshop is designed to introduce students to the basic knowledge about
script writing as the process of filmmaking. As future film-makers the students are
pushed to understand the multiple processes of film making like developing single line story, developing story-board, post processing like basic editing, audio mixing, colour correction. The students were receptive, interested and inspired throughout the process of working with the mentor. Every student conceptualized a film of their own to be made by the end of the workshop. They will be presenting and screening their films at the end of the workshop. This will be followed by an advanced level workshop next year.

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