The Boss (An Entrepreneurial Experience)

This program has covered each and every nook and corners of the entrepreneurial journey. Entire students were divided into different groups. Each group has done their specific task. The Day one started with understanding the operations aspects of the canteen running in the campus. The day two it was a joyful day where students got opportunities to study about the customers mind set and expectations in the campus. This helped us to learn how to segment customers and to explore the costumers’ likes and dislikes in the campus. Post survey analysis gave us new insights about the expectations of customers. Survey reports presented on the boards and experts from B.School helped us on how to read the data and nurture the process of entrepreneurial venture and how to understand customers’ main points and how to address the same. The day three it was like a hot seat, we as a team did lot of analysis on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay. It was a detailed study, based on the product which we intended to sell. Finally, each team came up with details of budget and strategical plans for sales. The fourth day was on ground activity. Where an interior design student helped us on how to positioning the stall and merchandising layout, after that most awaited day started. We started the sale around 10.30. The team has run 4 stalls out of which 2 stalls completed its sales double the time what they expected and 2 teams completed the sale by the afternoon.


It was a completely amazing experience, all stalls got amusing responses from the customers. We did the feedback analysis. On the final day we did and financial analysis and insights in that. It helped us to learn Break even, cost of the good sold and fixed and variable expenses roles in the pricing. It was a taught provoking five days, fantastic learning ended with a felicitation by the HODs of the department.

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