Market Survey-Department of Commerce (CA)

Department of Commerce (CA), CARE College of Arts and Science Conducted a “Student’s Market Survey” a practical study of markets to their students on 17 September 2022. The student’s teams visited various markets like: Gandhi Market, Nadar Chathiram, Chathiram Market, Uzhavar Sandhai, Thayanur Sandhai, Cholan Nagar Sandhai.

Students learned the Socio-Economic features of consumer or market, which has influence of current and future potential on economy. The practical survey made the students learn the future of the upcoming situation in the business. The study determined the demand in various parts of the market survey done in different locations. The students learnt the estimation of total demand and growth rate of demand.  They also learnt the trend of the market in dynamic market conditions and the expectations of the industrial customer.

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