The Programme

We hope to nurture and equip the young minds; we aspire to create a sustainable built environment; a habitat that responds to climate, context and changing needs of society.


Enabling creativity and imagination from the Environment



Broadening the dialogue and leading to new directions

Go to Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

Pushing the boundaries of Knowledge with practical Applications

Go to Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Learning beyond the confines of Classrooms and Syllabus

Project O'Shell - It is an attempt to design and build a structure using an interactive approach towards form-finding and analog computation, targeted at fostering an understanding of the relationship between form and force, in tension based curved surface structures, in an intuitive and playful way.

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About Us

Offering wholistic and multidisciplinary approach to education.

The C.A.R.E. (Centre for Applied Research and Education) School of Architecture intends to serve as a platform, connecting academia and industry. We believe that the practice of Architecture about the process of understanding, above aesthetics and visually pleasing edifices. The discernment is about ‘The Environment and the People’. School takes a wholistic and interdisciplinary approach to education. We aim to cultivate creative thinking capabilities with scientific temper, contextual sensitivity, strong social connect and empathy. Our campus is designed by the renowned Architect Sanjay Mohe. The backdrop proves to be an excellent setting to learn architecture. The healthy faculty development programme at C.A.R.E, assists us to sustain a continuous dialogue towards an effective curriculum. Besides, we can boast an experienced advisory committee, with eminent practicing architects and academicians.

National Award for Excellence in Architectural Thesis 2020-21



The figures that matter: Ideal staff student ratio of 1:10 Student intake per year limited to 80 These figures gain importance in the light of the demands that the architectural education /course poses where Teachers act more as facilitators and mentors than as mere tutors and are in one to one contact with the students.

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