April 16, 2020

CARE School of Architecture

The Poetry of Architecture Created by Ar.Sanjay Mohe at C.A.R.E School of Architecture-Trichy

Poetry in lines

An Exhibition featuring 20 projects designed by Ar.sanjay mohe from concept to completion, As part of the Annual Architect Lecture Series-C.A.R.E School of Architecture Trichy


The school takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education and aims to cultivate Thinking Architects with a scientific temper ,contextual sensitivity,strong social connect and empathy towards society at large. The C.A.R.E campus designed by renowned Architect SANJAY MOHE provides the right environment to learn architecture.

Unfolding Spaces

The entire functioning part of CARE campus is oriented with response to the highway and the lake. The whole campus looks towards the lake in the north and away from the highway. A long meandering road surrounded by trees connects the building to the highway and a turn in the road unfolds the facade of the building. Spaces without Boundaries is a web series about the architectural process, thinking and practical challenges faced by Ar. Sanjay Mohe and his team while building CARE campus in Trichy. He takes the students around the campus and shows them the God in the details..

CARE – Orientation Programe 2019

Students who joined us at C.A.R.E (Centre for Applied Research and Education), were acclimatized with courses such as, sketching, model making, theatre and design thinking, for a period of 10 days. This induction program helped the fresh students and gave an idea and inclination, that to come for the next 5 years.

O’ Shell | Winter at CARE-2019 Workshop

O’Shell is a prototype of Procedural Design-II Module mentored by Ar.Balaji Rajasekaran (dMac Group) as part of the ‘Winter at C.A.R.E’ workshops, coordinated by C.A.R.E Design Cell, at C.A.R.E School of Architecture, Tiruchirapalli, India. “The ‘Form’ of an object is the ‘Diagram of Forces” – D’Arcy Thompson. O’Shell is an attempt to design and build a structure using an interactive approach towards form-finding and analog computation. Targeted at fostering an understanding of the relationship between form and force, in tension based curved surface structures, in an intuitive and playful way. O’Shell investigated physical parameters as effective constraints in the process of design development. Further the process adopted to ensure continuity between the stage of design development and the materialization of the final output with respect to the core exploration of an interactive approach towards form-finding.

Designing Flexible Architectural & Structural Systems

This 3-day workshop (28-30 May 2019) introduced students to architectural sheet and tube elements that are flat-packable, flexible in one orientation and rigid in the second and/or third dimension. The workshop was conducted by Ankon Mitra. He is landscape director at Hexagram Design Private Limited.

Animascape Workshop

A Four day workshop,Expanding Animation beyond screens.The workshop was conducted by Chitra Chandrasekhar, is an Architecture & Visual Communication Design graduate from SPA Delhi & IDC, IIT Bombay, respectively. She is currently the creative proprietor of Mographies, a visual storytelling cum content micro consultancy practice.

Chithirai Thiruvizha 2019

A short compilation of the annual chithirai festival, madurai. This documentation is a part of understanding the intangible cultural heritage of Madurai and its festival.

Documentation on Manaparai Mattu Sandhai

A short documentation on the people, place and trade happening in Manaparai Mattu Sandhai which has been operational since 1928 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu by Care school of Architecture students.

CARE Photography Club Photo Talks

Week 7. July 12, 2020. CARE Photography Club Photo Talks, on every Sunday evening through online, Google meet. This week we had four more students presenting their photographs, and their diverse perspectives towards Photography.
1. Santhosh, Sathyabama University, @santhosh_1510
2. Shankary, CARE School of Architecture, @shankary_sundar
3. Mithilesh, NID Ahmedabad,
4. Shrithik, CARE School of Architecture, @shrithikphotography

How Buildings Stand 

a week long intense process in understanding structures through analytical models, conducted by Prof.V.R.Shah, an academician and a reputed structural consultant, and Ar.Mangesh, a young and dynamic architect with a passion for structures. Everyone who was part of the process had a few things to take back, a new perspective on structures, a valuable hand- on experience in handling materials and models to name a few and for the school a new pedagogy in delivering structures to students of architecture.

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