Reseach & Innovation

April 16, 2020

Research and innovation are vital to architectural practice. We believe that they both are intrinsic parts of our pedagogy and approach. Broader research programmes are undertaken to focus on developing sector expertise. It can enhance credibility and provide competitive advantage. The move towards more structured research is part of a growing trend within the architectural community away from primary practice (designing buildings). It also moves towards using architects’ skills in other ways (such as generic design skills, communication, community engagement, project management, and some scientific skills). It is vital to consider new collaborations with the industry and practitioners, to be a part of the academic circuit. Research and Development is central to any relationship, engagement or linkage between architecture academia, practitioners and emerging businesses. 

At C.A.R.E with a Design Cell in place, we are continuously looking for newer alliances, in the form of experts, institutions, architectural & design firms to take up practical workshops and studio projects. The knowledge developed through setting up and running a studio can help mutually, possibly emerge into an urban discourse.

As of now, we have a Design Cell, PEP (Documentation cell) and publications unit to render our research innovation ideas into collective forms.

Admissions Open
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