Art Club

June 9, 2021

Art communicates inner feelings to the outer world. Be it a simple design of a smiley or a monumental brutalist architecture, all of it expresses a sense of emotion and acts as a tool for the artist to translate his/her thoughts into an understandable form. Great civilizations are what they are today, because of their appreciation and importance to art. Thoorigai is one such attempt to appreciate the art and artist of the CARE family. The goal of this club is to remove the barriers from young minds in expressing their talents freely and fearlessly.

It’s not just a platform to showcase talents, but an active medium to learn ,through workshops, talks and Discussions. It’s a place where we meet and interact with other like minded people who have a thirst for art. There are various types of arts existing in the world. Thoorigai promotes many kinds of visual arts beginning from Sketching, painting, raisin painting, model Making to digital illustration, animation, graphic designing.

The club believes in empowering students to become more confident and creative by being a platform for sharing ideas.

Indirectly the vision of the this collective is to prepare the students for the outside world through development of imperative, intuitive and emotional skills


For More Information and Details
Sowbarnika L
Cell no: (+91)8508272550
Admissions Open
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