We are in the news! From Winter at C.A.R.E Workshops, 2019. We are published in designboom. We call it the ‘O’Shell’. It is a prototype from the ‘Procedural Design II’, a Winter Workshop, mentored by Balaji Rajasekaran (dMac Group) and coordinated by the C.A.R.E Design Cell. Winter at C.A.R.E Workshops is conceived as the medium Read more about ‘O’Shell[…]

FOAID – Festival of architecture and interior designers

  FOAID INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION – GOLD WINNERS FOAID 2019(Festival of architecture and interior designers) FOAID EXPRESSIONS 2019 is an students design art installation competition held in Mumbai. FLUX-Y! is the design theme of our installation which is based on the idea “ARCHITECTURE  IS FLEXIBLE” to all the changes made by the humans. Our FLUX-Y Read more about FOAID – Festival of architecture and interior designers[…]

Unfuse International Thesis Awards

Our First international Recognition.. Unfuse International Thesis Awards 2018.. Our Alumnus Ar.Gowtham Srinath’s Architectural thesis on “Centre for Regional Folk Arts,Trichirapalli” has been shortlisted amongst the top 50 entries… The faculty and students take pride in congratulating Ar.Gowtham on his commendable achievement.