We are in the news! From Winter at C.A.R.E Workshops, 2019. We are published in designboom.

We call it the ‘O’Shell’. It is a prototype from the ‘Procedural Design II’, a Winter Workshop, mentored by Balaji Rajasekaran (dMac Group) and coordinated by the C.A.R.E Design Cell. Winter at C.A.R.E Workshops is conceived as the medium that seamlessly assimilates beyond the confines of the classrooms and syllabus, to help students develop an interdisciplinary and critical approach at the school. Further we believe that such cross pollination between the varied fields of Art, Science & Technology and Architecture provides for a rich and fertile environment that fosters ideation, innovation and allows for individual pursuits, all vital ingredients in a creative environment.
Photos Courtesy: C.A.R.E. Design Cell & Balaji Rajasekaran

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