Slum Resettlements and Upgradation

On May 4th A Online Lecture on “Slum Resettlements and Upgradation” by Dr José Nunez Collado, Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, was delivered for 4th-year students of B.Arch. for Urban Housing, hosted by Ar. Mohesh Radhakrishnan @insanelymohesh. José is a Lecturer at @wgtnfadi, the Wellington School of Architecture. He teaches courses in Sustainable and Regenerative Design and Building Read more about Slum Resettlements and Upgradation[…]

Prof Ar.Neelkanth Chhaya’s Visit

The Fourth Semester Studio aims at Rethinking learns spaces. Students explore freely, intuitively through models and then collaborate with peers to evolve iterations. The process breaks free from the stereotyped studio methods to help learn from one another for evolved spatial understanding. The studio is mentored by Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya, Advisor, Academician, Thinker and former Read more about Prof Ar.Neelkanth Chhaya’s Visit[…]

Thesis presentation by alumni

Inspiring session by our Alumni Ar. Manoj and Ar. Monisha Nageshwaran, as they shared their thesis works with experiences to their juniors. Moments of learning and sharing. Indeed, a humble expression and down to earth reflections of the design process underwent by both of them. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!

A workshop on language – breath – life Ar.Ezhini Natarajan

A workshop on language -breath – life ,the development of a design language was Ar.Ezhini Natarajan,Director of information ,LK Architecture,Wichita,Panda for the first and second year students. The focus of the workshop was on sensitizing students to ways of seeing,observing and recording ,it’s nuances and subtleties that will help them develop their design sensibilities Read more about A workshop on language – breath – life Ar.Ezhini Natarajan[…]

The fundamental question of what is learning and what is an ideal learning environment

The fourth semester attempts to answer The fundamental question of what is learning and what is an ideal learning environment.As a prelude to understanding the same an introductory lecture by Mr.Shankar Ram,academician and founder ,Tamil Thaai Palli,Shankaran Kovil was organized followed by an interactive session with the students. The session sensitized students to help them Read more about The fundamental question of what is learning and what is an ideal learning environment[…]

Guest Lecture

Ar.Satya Prakash Varanashi, a pioneer architect cum writer, with his numerous explorations on Cost effective and Alternative materials and Construction technologies through his varied architectural projects, visited our 2nd and 3rd year Studios on the 19th July 2018. Prior to discussion with students, Ar.Satya visited the site context of Manaparai along with faculty team in Read more about Guest Lecture[…]

Alumni Presention II

As.Madhumitha The second in a series of alumni presentations on thesis approaches was done by Ar.Madhumitha,alumnus,C.A.R.E.School of Architecture. Well know for her hand skills , she presented her thesis and emphasized on the need to manually ideate through sketches for improved understanding of scale and better comprehension of the site. …

Presentation on Portfolio

A small interaction and presentation on portfolio making for students of third year was offered by Ar. Gowtham Srinath, an alumnus of C.A.R.E. School of Architecture and currently junior Architect at Mind Space Architects, Bangalore. This was followed by a presentation on “How to approach a thesis” for the students of final years.


An Introduction to Sketching as an Analytical tool – by Ar.Peter Rich A short but engaging session on various aspects of quick sketching and sketching as a tool to abstract and synthesize information was held post lunch with Ar.Peter Rich inside the C.A.R.E. Campus.


Presentation-by Ar.Peterrich,Johannesburg,Southafrica Ar. Peter Rich, an authority in African art and African Vernacular Architecture Visited the school for a small talk and interaction with the students. His distinctive body of works, an embodiment of the ethos and sensibilities of the African communities, reflected his approach to materials and sustainability. The evocative quality of his drawings Read more about Presentation[…]

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