A workshop on Photography

Photo Document workshop by Ar. Maniyarasan R. Photographs  from the 5-day Visual Documentation & Photography workshop for the 3rd semester students at Centre for Applied Research & Education (C.A.R.E.) School of Architecture, Trichy, as a prequel to the Rural Design studio. Field visits to Thanjavur and Palamaraneri were a part of the workshop, anchored by Ar. Read more about A workshop on Photography[…]

A workshop on Lino Cut

A workshop on Lino Cut was mentored by Artist Mark Rathinaraj and assisted by Architect Naveen G, between June 11-14, 2019, at the Centre of Applied Research & Education (C.A.R.E School of Architecture) campus, as a part of ‘Summer at C.A.R.E’ Workshop programme. As an artist his works are inspired from nature and his childhood Read more about A workshop on Lino Cut[…]

Form Material and Structure

Form, Material & Structure – This workshop aimed and imparted the basic knowledge of structural actions, material properties, and form. The workshop helped the students to understand and decipher the system from the form. This was studied by making case studies with scaled models. Prof.V.R Shah and Ar. Mangesh Belsare tutored the workshop at the C.A.R.E Read more about Form Material and Structure[…]

Designing Flexible Architectural & Structural

Designing Flexible Architectural & Structural Systems. This 3-day workshop (28-30 May 2019) introduced students to architectural sheet and tube elements that are flat-packable, flexible in one orientation and rigid in the second and/or third dimension. The workshop was conducted by Ankon Mitra. He is landscape director at Hexagram Design Private Limited, an independent architecture, and Read more about Designing Flexible Architectural & Structural[…]

Animascape – Expanding Animation beyond screens

Summer Programme at Design CELL, C.A.R.E. 2019. Animascape – A Four day workshop – Expanding Animation beyond screens – The workshop was conducted by Chitra Chandrasekhar, is an Architecture & Visual Communication Design graduate from SPA Delhi & IDC, IIT Bombay, respectively. She is currently the creative proprietor of Mographies, a visual storytelling cum content Read more about Animascape – Expanding Animation beyond screens[…]

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