FOAID – Festival of architecture and interior designers

  FOAID INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION – GOLD WINNERS FOAID 2019(Festival of architecture and interior designers) FOAID EXPRESSIONS 2019 is an students design art installation competition held in Mumbai. FLUX-Y! is the design theme of our installation which is based on the idea “ARCHITECTURE  IS FLEXIBLE” to all the changes made by the humans. Our FLUX-Y Read more about FOAID – Festival of architecture and interior designers[…]

Timbrel Vault Workshop

Ar. Peter Rich & Ar. Senthilkumar Doss [24 – 28 November] Timber vaulting workshop   By Ar. Pintto George E A THE DAWN It all started with a simple catenary curve. In the beginning a brief study and experiments were done on catenary, It’s nature and behaviour. “a catenary arch has the ability to withstand Read more about Timbrel Vault Workshop[…]

Admissions Open
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