C.A.R.E. + Earthling.Ladakh

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Bogadhi Sandeep Our students undertook a transformative 10-day workshop in Diskit village, nestled in Ladakh’s enchanting Nubra Valley. Guided by principles of sustainable architecture and local cultural heritage, students collaborated with earth architecture practitioners to construct a shelter using the ancient technique of rammed earth, under the guidance of Sandeep Bogadhi, principal Read more about C.A.R.E. + Earthling.Ladakh[…]

QGIS And Data Visualisation

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Parvathy Kartha & Ar. Ganesh Babu This intensive workshop delved into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), focusing on the practical analysis and interpretation of location-based data. Participants engaged in hands-on activities, from mapping local points of interest to understanding spatial trends, gaining practical insights. Students worked directly with data, learning how to effectively Read more about QGIS And Data Visualisation[…]

Basics of Graphic Design

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Vijay Kumawat This workshop delved into the diverse world of graphic design, covering essential elements such as color theory and typography. Through a combination of theoretical instruction and practical projects, participants were encouraged to expand their creative horizons both individually and in collaborative settings. The progression of each project was a testament Read more about Basics of Graphic Design[…]

Pandemic Dyes

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Sudha Palepu In this program, students worked with everyday kitchen items like onion skins, pomegranate peels, and marigold flowers to extract dyes. They witnessed the transformation of these materials into vibrant colors on fabric and paper, blending science with creativity. The visit to the Athangudi tile making factory provided a close look Read more about Pandemic Dyes[…]

Visual Storytelling

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Rajkumar Ramalingam & Ar. Navalavan Chezian Our students embarked on an incredible journey through time and space during the 5-day workshop on Visual Storytelling. From delving into the majestic tales of early Chola temples to translating those narratives into breathtaking artworks, every moment was a captivating exploration of creativity and history. Day Read more about Visual Storytelling[…]


Workshop Instructor: Ar. Balaji Rajasekaran CAST Workshop explored casting as a technique and explored an operative design framework that synthesize the multiple formative forces of spaces. Physical forces acted as an agency of design, following the legacy of learning through making and thinking through hands. The workshop investigated the physical parameters as effective constraints in Read more about C.A.S.T[…]

Furniture Prototyping Using Advanced Wooden Joinery

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Kumaresan Guest Mentor: Ar. Naveen G Overview Wood is the most widely used material for making furniture across the world. It has its root set in several traditions and cultural significance. Over time traditional building practices are falling out of ordinary use. Inspite of it source of inspiration for architects, artists and Read more about Furniture Prototyping Using Advanced Wooden Joinery[…]

Hyperflow Level 1

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Balaji Rajasekaran Guest Mentor: Ar. Senthilkumar Doss Overview Hyper Flow is a design and build workshop validating the cross-pollination between research, practice and academics to enable meaningful collaborations within them. This workshop explores structural form-finding through the understanding of concepts of nature and forces. This workshop also explores how to effectively optimize Read more about Hyperflow Level 1[…]

Photogrammetry and Conditional Assessment

Workshop Instructors:Ar. Maniyarasan R & Ar. Sakthimurugan R OverviewDocumentation in Architectural Conservation shall be used for research, conservation, development purposes and production of scaled drawings. This workshop will demonstrate the benefits of documenting cultural heritage via scientifically viable and combined methods of photography & manual documentation. Photographic recording can provide architectural and spatial documentation i.e., Read more about Photogrammetry and Conditional Assessment[…]

Introduction to Generative Drawing

Workshop Instructor: Ar. Dondeti Karthik OverviewThe term ‘generative’ in the context of design typically alludes to an iterative process of generating ‘outputs’ based on a set of pre-defined constraints and parameters. The key point of departure from a typical design process is that this is about designing a system of rules, a grammar, that then Read more about Introduction to Generative Drawing[…]

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