UPASANA, a wellness workshop

UPASANA, a wellness workshop conducted for third year students. UPASANA can be interpreted as a culture, system, practice, or even a lifestyle that should be followed for a healthy, creative & stress-free life. The program generates an awareness of the human body, body movements, mind control, and psycho-physical balance required for a sound life. Lead Read more about UPASANA, a wellness workshop[…]

Construction Layouts: Graphic Design

Winter School 2024 Constructing Layouts: Graphic Design The “Constructing Layouts: Graphic Design” workshop, led by instructor Vijay Kumawat from IIT, Hyderabad, provided a comprehensive exploration into the principles of graphic design and layout construction. The program, designed to cater to participants at varying skill levels, seamlessly blended theoretical insights with hands-on activities. From understanding grid Read more about Construction Layouts: Graphic Design[…]

Film Making – Hands-On Experience

Winter School 2024 Film Making – Hands-On Experience “Film Making – Hands-On Experience” workshop, led by Ar. Sarath Chan from NIT Trichy, creates an immersive exploration into the art and craft of filmmaking. The workshop to imparts technical proficiency in using cameras, lighting, and sound equipment and to integrate the crucial aspect of storytelling, ensuring Read more about Film Making – Hands-On Experience[…]

Architectural Illustrations

Winter School 2024 Architectural Illustrations Architectural Illustrations workshop, led by Ar. Rajkumar Ramalingam, offered an immersive exploration into the transformative art of converting architectural visions into captivating visual representations. This hands on session allowed students to delve into various aspects, including sketching techniques, digital rendering, and the use of software, providing participants with a versatile Read more about Architectural Illustrations[…]

Botanical Color Lab

Winter School 2024 Botanic Colour lab The winter workshop at the CARE School of Architecture, led by Sudha Palepu’s Botanical Colour Lab, provided a transformative experience where participants immersed themselves in extracting colors from kitchen and garden waste. Sudha’s expertise guided students in crafting intricate artworks and vibrant color swatch cards, turning everyday sources into Read more about Botanical Color Lab[…]

Mapping x Cartography

Winter School 2024 Mapping/ Cartography The winter workshop at the CARE School of Architecture, titled ‘Mapping x Cartography’ led by seasoned architect Arvind Krishnan from Chennai offered a unique explorationi. Beyond conventional map-making, this course delves into the transformative potential of mapping as a powerful tool for architects and designers to communicate narratives, concepts, and Read more about Mapping x Cartography[…]

Complex Wood Joineries

Winter School 2024 Complex Wood Joineries The winter workshop at CARE School of Architecture, titled ‘Crafting Connections: A 5-Day Workshop on Japanese Wooden Joineries,’ allowed students to immerse themselves in a hands-on exploration of the intricate world of Japanese woodworking. Over the course of three to five days, participants delved into the rich history and Read more about Complex Wood Joineries[…]

Intoduction to Bamboo

Winter School 2024 Introduction to Bamboo The workshop imparts technical skills and instills a deep appreciation for sustainable architecture, empowering students to actively contribute to a more resilient and environmentally friendly future. Under the workshop lead Tushar’s guidance, students are provided a platform to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating a lasting connection Read more about Intoduction to Bamboo[…]

Clay Relief Workshop

Clay relief workshop Instructor: Artist Mark Rathinaraj, Artist Antony Raj On Photos: 1. Final output of clay relief workshop 2. Students making base drawings for mask 3. Artist Mark demonstrating the process 4. Clay preparation 5. Getting the base for mask done 6. Artist Mark guiding students 7. Artist Antony guiding students 8. Making of Read more about Clay Relief Workshop[…]

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