June 4, 2016

CARE PEP is the Research & Documentation arm of the CARE School of Architecture. PEP stands for People, Environment & Place, the three pillars of human geography, which provides a holistic conceptual framework to analyse, understand & organize the various research focuses and activities of this young research unit. The 4 major areas of research by CARE-PEP has been identified as (i) Place (Geographic) (ii) Ways of life (Sociological, Economic, Political & Technological contexts) (iii) Expressions (Arts & Crafts) & (iv) Underlying Principles (Order) in the Cauvery delta region.

The faculty of CARE School of Architecture are encouraged to choose their research work to fall within the above mentioned geographical area of interest, thus adding to the wealth of information & knowledge available in the archives. This assists the faculty in getting their research work published to improve their academic credentials.

PEP will focus on unknown sites of heritage and historic importance. Besides, there is interest in the documentation of the indigenous wisdom embodied in the settlements and house forms of the region. We wish to extend support to passionate researchers who visit the campus in a mutually beneficial relationship of Resource sharing, by providing spaces for interaction in forums for peer reviews and sharing ideas. PEP also endeavors to make the whole program people-centric and would find ways of bringing in community participation.

Admissions Open
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