Charles Correa Memorial Event 2021

We take immense pride in announcing that Jaswanth NS, Alumni of CSOA (from the graduating batch of 2021) has received an honorable mention for his thesis project in the Charles Correa Memorial Event 2021 ,conducted by Charles Correa Foundation.50 schools across the nation were invited to participate in the event.The event held in commemoration of Ar.Charles Correa’s birthday is meant to encourage students to work or explore ideas on realtime urban and societal issues.

Thesis topic: Pop Up Structures for Temporal Scenarios
Guide: Ar.Balaji Rajasekaran

Pilgrimage is a part and parcel of the culture of the sub-continent and takes innumerable and sometime specific forms based on the religious centre. Palani is one such unique pilgrim city in India, wherein People from all parts of Tamil Nadu take a padhayatra (walk) to Palani, after the Pongal festival ends. Dedicated to lord Muruga, people carry colorful kavadis and walk up the hills of palani for the Darshan of the Lord. lakhs of people conjugate at one place but the infrastructure is minimal. This is a seasonal event and hence permanent structures are mostly underutilized. It is in this premise that the thesis looks at a type of Architecture that is Temporal and ephemeral.

The thesis attempts to provide temporary pop up structures like a kit of parts which can be assembled and serve as Places to sleep, Places to Refresh, and Medical facilities required for the pilgrims who undertake the padayathra during the event .Post the event, the flexibility and Temporal nature of these structures can be used to facilitate multi- dimensional and varied requirements.

The attached video is a screengrab from the official announcement by Ar.Nondita Correa Mehrotra, Director of the Charles Correa Foundation and the introduction of the project by Ar.Bijoy Jain of Hundredhands.

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