Collaborative Software Project with North Dakota State University, USA

CARE School of Architecture partnered in a collaborative project with North Dakota State University, North Dakota, USA in developing five software products namely – ArchXchange, Reality Check, Building Architecture Forward LLC, Connect GMK,- ArchiTables App, for design professions in developing economies like India.

As a Part of the studio course, students at the North Dakota State University mentored by Prof.Ganapathy, ideated on potential software products, business strategies, identifying potential markets and barriers to digital trade for their chosen projects. The software products, were developed and implemented using various kinds of software authoring systems, such as MIT’s App Inventor, Team from CARE with an advantage of being on ground and closer to the market and with an understanding on how the profession works and professionals function, brought their experience as cohorts along with the student teams from NDSU, in various stages of the projects ranging from studying the market, identifying potential users, conceptualization, content generation, structuring the app and finally testing the software products.

ArchXchange ,is an app developed to swiftly match clients with prospective architectural professionals. Client’s and Architect’s profiles are paired according to building typology, design, estimated cost, and geographical area, significantly narrowing down the choice and selection of a designer for a specific project.
Our role as Cohorts was to provide information on the development in the field of architecture within India and provide help in the structuring of the application platform. We had also initiated conversations with interested firms for sign ups.

Reality Check, provides a basic understanding of a residential project. Key elements of the project are presented and the information like the total area, functional requirements and construction quality are entered by the user to generate a feasible plan from known elements entered by the user.
Our role in the development of the app was to provide data relating to costs per square foot in residential constructions based on different levels of construction quality. for ex. Economy, Average, Custom, & Luxury, provide material cost information from source to the Contractor’s chosen location.

Building Architecture Forward LLC is an app to quickly and precisely search for building codes and regulations associated with a proposed project that is location specific. Our role was to provide assistance with locating relevant codes for the website database.

ConnectGMK is an app that bridges and connects people with disabilities to potential NGOs.Our role was to identify firms and architects in India with a social consciousness and those who would be inclined towards social welfare projects.

ArchiTables App is an app that provides a design advisory for climate-based design. Our role was to help with testing the product software and language compatibility for product launch.

Team from NDSU:
Prof. Ganapathy Mahalingam

Thomas Davy and Courtney Skare
Samantha Ochs and Matthew Leake
Conner Riley and Cooper Johnson
Mary Biegert, Kai Erickson & Godfrey Tadeo
Ethan McCullough

Team from CARE:
Balaji Rajasekaran

Arul Karthika
Keerthana Arun
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