November 6, 2017

Learning beyond the classrooms from peers and seniors, liberated from the confines of place or time, we believe, edifies the quality of education offered at the school, that vary ably supports its unique architecture programme.


The Centre for Applied Research and  Education (C.A.R.E.) School  of Architecture serves  as a platform that  connects academics with the  real world as we believe that  Architecture is not just about buildings that  are aesthetically pleasing or edifices that  leave  one  awestruck, but  is really about “The Environment and  the  people”. The school  Incepted in the  year 2010 under the  aegis of the  G.Narayanan educational trust,  takes  a wholistic and  interdisciplinary approach to education and  aims to cultivate Thinking Architects with a scientific  temper, contextual sensitivity,  strong social connect and  empathy towards the  society  at large.

The C.A.R.E campus designed by renowned Architect Sanjay Mohe  provides the  Right  Environment to learn architecture. The constant and  continuous faculty development programmes, besides a very active  and  strong advisory  committee comprising of eminent practicing architects and  academicians makes the  curriculum  effective.

Being  an Alumni,  I would  proudly say that,  C.A.R.E School of Architecture serves  as a Best  Platform  where one  can pursue a Course  in Architecture, With the most Idyllic, Enlivened and Soothing Environment that enhances  palpable learning, Especially showcasing the importance of the Trinity, that is, the connection between Human,  Built form and Nature. On the whole  it moulds an individual into a responsible architect sensitive to the environment and society by creating not just buildings, but besotted spaces with life within”

Ar. Monisha Nageshwaran (Batch 2013 – 2018)


“To nurture and equip young minds, who aspire to create a sustainable built environment that responds to climate, context and the changing needs and aspirations of the society”.


Empowering individuals through a wholistic and interdisciplinary approach to education thereby creating professionals with a social conscience,environmental sensibility and a sense of social responsibility.





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Cell no: +91 89396 12000

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