Music Club

May 2, 2020

The Music club of CARE “Arch music cafe” named after our Asst.Prof.Ar. Senthil kumar,started the journey by giving a small performance at the Atrium in our campus.

There are around 12 members in our band,Our band Initially had 4 guitarists, 6 vocalists,1 percussionist, 2 keyboard players, and 1 tabla and kazoo player. Two of our band members got shortlisted in a local live concert audition and tried their best. Two of them won in NITT Archcult 2020.

Arch music cafe gave their performance in CARE Ethnic day and Annual day. We did a live unplugged performance for 40 min in our first CARE Alumini meet. We also have 5 of our faculty members who perform music and gave their first stage performance in the alumini meet. As a team we are growing together practicing and enjoying music. We are now ready to perform in upcoming events and competitions. Out team strength also being keep increasing with our present 4th year and upcoming 1st year. Hope our band reaches greater heights in upcoming years.


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Cell no: (+91)9677302791
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