Teaching Staff

March 28, 2020

Ar.Ramalingam Natarajan

Professor and Mentor,
Ph.D in “Green solutions of Traditional Buildings”.

Ar.Vijaykumar Sengottuvelan

Director(on Sabbatical),
M.Arch(General Architecture).,
PMU, Thanjavur.

Ar.Judith Belinda T

Head of the Department,
M.Arch(Environmental Architecture).,
McGAN’s School of Architecture, 2013.

Ar.Senthilkumar S

M.Arch(General Architecture),

Ar.Godwin Emmanuel J

B.Arch.,Adiyaman Collegeof Engineering, 2003.
M.Arch(Landscape),School of Architecture and Planning,Chennai,2006.
Ph.D in “Cultural values and spatial relationships in Historic Urban Landscapes”,NIT,Trichy.

Ar.Ophylia Vinothini G

Professor & In-change Thesis Coordinator,
M.Arch(Landscape Architecture).,
School of Architecture and Planning ,Chennai,2009.
Ph.D in “landscape planning for urbanization of Indian cities and its changes ,specific to Roadways”

Ar.Dr.Shabitha P

Professor & In-Charge Research and Development,
M.Plan.,School of Architecture and Planning(SAP),2005.
Ph.D in “An investigation of spatial design quality and user satisfaction in public housing for the urban poor in madurai”,2017.

Ar.Balaji Rajasekaran

Associate professor & Mentor AT Labs
B.Arch.,Hindusthan College of Engineering, Chennai,2010. M.Arch(Architecture and Urbanism).,
Design Research Lab,AA School of Architecture,London,2014

Ar.Chandranesan P

Associate professor (Adjunct)

Ar.Henya Stephi S

Associate professor,
B.Arch.,Sathyabhama University, 2011.
M.Archl(Landscape Architecture).,
School of Architecture and Planning(SAP), Chennai 2013

Ar.Jothimani P

Associate professor,
B.Arch.,Adiyaman College of Engineering, 2003. M.Arch(General Architecture).,
SVS College of Architecture, Coimbatore,2018.

Er.Rajendran S

Associate professor,

Er.Sasikumar A

Associate professor,
B.E(Civil Engineering ).,RVS College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul,2013.
M.E(Structural Engineering).,PSNA College of Engineering, Dindigul,2017.

Ar.Vidhyashankar S

Associate professor & In-change C.A.R.E. PEP,
M.Arch(Theory and Design).,CEPT University, Ahmedabad,2012.

Ar.Arijith Chatterjee

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,CEPT University, Ahmedabad,2008. M.Arch(Nautical Architecture),
Escela De Arquitectura,Chile,2014

Ar.Arushree Mohanty Chhaya

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,CEPT University ,Ahmedabad,2013. M.FA( Arcitecture for immediate interventions).,UMEA University, Sweden,2018.

Ar.Haribabu M

Assistant professor,

Ar.Kartikeya Chhaya

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,CEPT University, Ahmedabad,2010.
M.FA( Sustainable Architecture),
UMEA University, Sweden,2013

Ar.Maniyarasan R

Assistant professor & In-charge Design Cell,
M.Des(Photography Design).,
Ph.D in “Defining visual documentation framework for architectural projects

Ar.Manoj S

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,C.A.R.E.School of Architecture, 2017

Ar.Murali P

Assistant professor(Adjunct)

Ar.Naveen G

Assistant professor & In-Charge Out Reach Programs,
B.Arch.,NIT Trichy,2007.
M.Des(Retail Experience Design),
National Institute of Design(NID),Ahmedabad,2010

Mr.Palanivel K

Artist & Assistant professor,
B.FA(Visual Communication),
Govt College of Fine Arts,Kumbakonam,2007.
M.FA(visual Communication),
Tamilnadu Music and Fine Arts University, Chennai,2019

Ar.Pinto George EA

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,C.A.R.E.School of Architecture, 2019.

Ar.Pradeep Shakthi

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,C.A.R.E.School of Architecture, 2017.

Ar.Santhosh Manavalan

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,Hindusthan college of Engineering, Chennai,2010
PGPCM(Construction Management),NICMAR,2018
LEED&IGBC Accredited professional,GRIHA Trainer.

Ar.SenthilKumar J

Assistant professor,
B.Arch.,C.A.R.E.School of Architecture, 2017

Ar.Shanmugapriya S

Assistant professor(on Sabbatical),
PGP(Real Estate Management),NICMAR,2006.
M.Arch(Architecture).,PMU, Pursuing