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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell has been constituted for creating Entrepreneurial Awareness among the students. The EDC conducts Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs by way of lectures, workshops and Camps. Prominent first-generation entrepreneurs are invited to give first-hand knowledge to the aspiring students. The cell imparts knowledge on Startups & Entrepreneurships,

Step by Step Procedure for starting a Startups / Enterprises,

  1. Project Financing
  2. Preparation of Project Report.
  3. Working Capital Management
  4. Sources of finance for entrepreneurs
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Innovation and Creativity
  7. Opportunity and Scope for Entrepreneurs
  8. Role of Entrepreneurs
  9. Motivation and Self Confidence for Entrepreneur


EDC Team Members Entrepreneurship Initiatives:

S.No. Name of the members of faculty Basic Academic Designation Additional responsibility
1 Mr. Mohamed Nizarudeen M Assistant Professor/CSE Co-ordinator
2 Mr.Nandakumar T Assistant Professor/ CIVIL Member
3 Mr.Kiruthika D Assistant Professor/ ADS Member
4 Ms.Sasikala M Assistant Professor/ ECE (GE) Member
5 Mr. Anthony Kingston M Assistant Professor/ MECH Member
6 Dr.Paventhan V T Assistant Professor/ S&H Member
7 Dr. Ramya T Assistant Professor/ MBA Member


Entrepreneurship Initiatives:

To create an environment for self-employment, promote innovation, incubation and Entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programs