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Women Empowerment Committee


“I raise up my voice-not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” ― Malala Yousafzai.


  • To enlighten the women students and employees about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender amity and programme concerning women welfare
  • To train women to acquire wide range of skills and knowledge and to develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and prosperity of mankind.


  • To cater the needs of women who are still help up in the past.
  • To create a platform where all women can express their needs and priorities , where every women is respected and is able to achieve their potential, living free from harm and discrimination Objectives
  • To sensitize the CARE Engineering community on gender equity issues through organizing sensitivity programme like seminars, publishing handouts etc.
  • To promote general harmony and prevent discrimination of women and sexual harassment in the institutes by providing practical suggestions to the administration from time to time.
  • To deal with any instance of discrimination of women or sexual harassment by an employer or students in respect of any other employee or students of CARE College of Engineering.
  • To make students aware of Gender Equity.
  • To help students to change their mindset and attitude towards life in terms of women.
  • To build a society with social and economic gender equality as envisaged in the Indian Constitution through social service.
  • To reach out to women in the rural areas and make them aware of their social and legal rights and to equip them to stand against gender violence and gender discrimination.
  • To create awareness, instill values and develop the personality and leadership quality.


Sl. No. Name Designation Contact Number Email ID
1. Dr. J.Jeyarani Associate Professor, ECE 8072473684 jeyarani@care.ac.in
2. Ms. Shirley Mary Vanitha A Assistant Professor, S&H 9442869033 ashirleymv@care.ac.in
3. Ms.Shakila Banu F Assistant Professor, CSE 9791711089 fshakilabanu@care.ac.in
4. Ms. Sudhapriya B Assistant Professor, CE 7904393244 bsudhapriya@care.ac.in
5. Ms. Sasikala R Assistant Professor, CSE 9994492942 rsasikala@care.ac.in
6. Ms. Jecintha J Assistant Professor, ECE 8825748719 jjecintha@care.ac.in


Role of the Women’s Empowerment Cell

  • To ensure that appropriate action is taken against the offender
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  • To take proactive measures.