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Incubation Cell


  • To provide assistance and training to students, alumni and innovators who want to turn their social ideas into startups for society.


  • To stimulate students’ thoughts and increase their critical thinking
  • Build awareness on entrepreneurship among the stakeholders.
  • To enhance domain knowledge in order to build creative products or services.
  • To create enough physical infrastructure facilities with hands-on assistance for prototyping and establishing start-ups.

 Incubators are as follows,

  • Senthuraa Technologies was founded by Civil Alumnus, Mr. K.S.Veera Bal Vannan
  • Enthiraa was founded by ECE Alumnus, Mr.T.Pradeeparajan during 2019– 2020.
  • Fiind Inc is a Computer Software company headquartered at Redmond, WA incubated at CARE College of Engineering during 2017–2019.
  • WE DO VEEDU was a company for Interior design founded by 5 Civil Engineering students during the AY 2018- 2019.