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The Buildings are designed by a well-known Architect, Mr. Sanjay Mohe of Bangalore, who has extended his expertise from designing buildings for IIMs & IITs to our institution. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and functional appeal. About 17,000 sq mts of building space within a 50-acre campus, adjacent to 200 acres of lake, has been built to accommodate state of art laboratories, modern library, computer center, conference halls and classrooms for both the undergraduate & postgraduate programs offered at CARE.

The library occupying more than 1000 sq.m of built up space. It contains 4 distinct zones, reading library, reference library, journal section, and the e-library. The classrooms designed with each having its own open courtyard.

The entire campus is build as a green campus, build with an abundance of natural light and natural ventilation. The campus is designed with the philosophy that open spaces creates open minds, thus leading to creative thinking and innovation.

The college Hostel provides each student their own personal space, while allowing for opportunity for collaborative study/discussions. Seperate boys and girls Hostel facility is available.

The campus also houses a large Indoor Stadium that can house 4 international baskerball courts.